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Madhubani Handpainted Sarees

Fabric-Handloom Cotton

Art- Madhubani

Blouse Piece Avaliable


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Exclusively Handcrafted Madhubani Saree. The Madhubani Saree represent the Art Of Madhubani or Mithila. This Beautiful Art Practiced In The Mithila Region Of India And Nepal. Painting Is Done With Fingers, Twigs, Brushes, Nib-Pens, And Matchsticks, Using Natural Dyes And Pigments, And Is Characterised By Eye-catching Geometrical Patterns. There Is Ritual Content For Particular Occasions, Such As Birth Or Marriage, And Festivals, Such As Holi, Surya Shashti, Kali Puja, Upanayana, Durga Puja.



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