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Privacy Policy is the most important aspect of any e-commerce website as it safeguards the rights of its customers and assures as well as ensures safety and protection.

(Parent Company Name), the operator of (Pattashree) takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The
following declaration informs you of how we use your data and thereby guarantee data protection. We use cookies and device identifiers to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Adverts, notifications and pop-ups will be chosen for you automatically based on your past behavior and viewing history.

Points under Privacy Policy include –
I. Objective of Data Protection Declaration
II. Collection of Data
III. Processing and Use of Data
IV. Data Transfer to Third Parties
V. Deletion and Processing of Data
VI. Data Security and Safety
VII. Protection Against Spam
VIII. Amendments to this Data Protection Declaration

These points are explained in detail below –

  1. Objective of Data Protection Declaration

    The sole objective of this declaration is the collection, processing and use (usage) of personal data which we,
    (PATTASHREE), collect when you use our provisions (services), particularly ARTECION.

    The website responsible in the sense of the Data Protection Law is (Parent Company Name). If you have any questions on the use of
    your data, please send an e-mail to (e-mail address).

    In the following, the possibilities for using your data are briefly sketched. Please note that not all data is actually used for all purposes and that for individual services, additional information may be given through separate data protection declarations as appropriate when the need arises.
  2. Collection of Data

    (Parent Company) collects data when you become a registered user/member or visit or use general services of our this website.

    When you set up a user account and profile, we ask you for certain information about your person, i.e., name, address, e-mail, contact
    number, etc. Of these, only those information we need for the contractual relationship or running the services provided is compulsory information.

    If you simply visit or use the services, (Parent Company) automatically collects and stores in our server logs technical information which your PC, browser or your mobile phone submits to us.

III. Processing and Use of Data

(Parent Company) uses the data collected for four basic purposes, whereby not all data is actually used for all purposes.

A) STOCK DATA – We use the data in your user account on your person and address to establish and administer the contract of use.

B) USAGE DATA – We use the data on your use of individual services for technically processing and billing these services. This can prevent usage data on various services being merged for billing purposes.

C) MERGED DATA – We assess usage profiles as appropriate under a pseudonym, which cannot be merged with the data on your user
account, for market research and to improve our services, only in so far as you have not made use of your legal right to refuse the use of your data.

D) TAILORED DATA – We also use your data to tailor contents including advertising offers to your personal interests and/or inform you of special offers or new products.

  1. Data Transfer to Third Parties

    (Parent Company) transfers your personal data exclusively to third parties; only if

    A) You have permitted the transfer with free consent; or
    B) The transfer is necessary to implement or bill for services; particularly if

    C) You claim the services of an independent partner company by the use of the service; or

    D) A vicarious agent needs this data to process the service (such vicarious agents are, in so far as you are not expressly informed otherwise, only authorized to the extent of usage if this is needed for the service; or if

    E) Criminal prosecution authorities or courts require information for the purpose of criminal prosecution to the extent of the applicable laws.

    Furthermore, individual non-personal information may be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of tailoring advertising on other applications or websites.

    If you wish to opt-out of such sharing, please send an e-mail including your username to (e-mail address).
  2. Deletion and Processing of Data

    If your data is no longer required or needed for the purposes mentioned above, including billing, it is deleted from our website without any prior intimation or notice, so it is advisable to keep a regular watch on your complete information from time to time.

    Please note that for any deletion the data is initially only blocked and then eventually deleted after a time delay (number of days), to prevent inadvertent deletions or any intentional damages.

    For technical reasons, the data is duplicated as appropriate in back-up files and mirrors of services as appropriate. Such copies are
    also deleted as appropriate only with a technically qualified time delay (number of days).

    You are entitled to view the personal data stored about your person and adjustments to your user account at any time, and correct, alter, modify, extend or delete them.
  3. Data Safety and Security

    Safety and Security is our motto hence, (Parent Company) takes best possible efforts to protect your data from unauthorized and illegal access, loss, abuse or destruction.

    Your personal data and related information is solely accessible to our employees, including employees of third parties and partner companies, which need to have necessary perusal and access of your data, to exercise their activities and functions properly and to be able to provide to you our products and services in the best and safest possible way.

    Furthermore, to protect your personal data, we have to take the safest steps and use protective means such as Process Technology and Electronic Protection Measures.

VII. Protection Against Spam

(Parent Company) assures and ensures you that we only use your personal contact details such as e-mail address, mobile/telephone number, etc. with your consent and express agreement and for the purposes given in the conditions of use.

We shall not sell or supply your e-mail address or mobile/telephone number to third parties and prevent your e-mail address or mobile/telephone number from being recorded by “web crawlers” or “spiders”, to the extent that this is in our power.

We ensure you of zero spam and safeguard your safety as well as of your personal contact details and assure you of a completely safe,
secure and spam-free experience on our website.

VIII. Amendments to this Data Protection Declaration

(Parent Company) shall amend and make minor appropriate improvements to this data protection declaration, as
and when required, in accordance with future changes in the use of personal data.

No separate e-mail or intimation will be sent to the users, informing about such amendments.

However, if there is a change or amendment to the data protection declaration and its principles, we shall refer to this solely on our
official website and (website of parent company).

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