Pattashree USP

Promoting traditional art on clothes, our brand “Pattashree” is a perfect blend of richritualistic significance and modernity to give it a unique fashion statement. The making of‘Pattashree’ start with, carefully choosing a base wearable such as Saree, Dress materialsetc. This is sourced from across the country. Our expert and experienced artists then drawvarious patterns inspired by religious legends like Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc. or themesbased on wildlife, nature, tribal life, or various art forms like Madhubani and KalamkariArt, of course with modern texture.

Our Recent Products

We at “Pattashree” have skilledartists who hand paint differentdesigns in various styles whichinclude but is not limited toPattachitra, Kalamkari,Madhubani, and Saura tribal art.Each style of art is unique andhas a beauty of its own. These arepainted on various handlooms likecotton, tussar, silk andmany more

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